Catch Copernicus at the Art of Marketing Conference

If you’re in the greater San Diego/Orange County California-area on or about May 17, you should catch Eric Paquette’s presentation on using market segmentation—one of the most powerful strategic research tools available today—to build a digitally savvy marketing strategy at the Art of Marketing 2012 Conference.

The San Diego chapter of the American Marketing Association is bringing together speakers from a variety of organizations, “to illuminate, educate, and paint the varied yet blended picture we call marketing.”

“Answering the call for relevant, timely insights and actionable take-aways in a one-day, fun, intensive learning environment, the Art of Marketing 2012 promises to deliver real-world solutions in a lively forum,” conference organizers explain.

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Live Webcast May 23: Jeff Maloy Talks Channel Typologies

On Wednesday, May 23, at 1 pm (EDT), Copernicus’ resident consumer packaged goods maven Jeff Maloy will explore the topic of shopping occasions in part 3 of our continuing webcast series on developing and launching transformational shopper marketing strategies and programs.

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Retailers and manufacturers want to drive traffic and increase market baskets with their shopper marketing efforts. In order to give their brands an edge vs. the many competitors retailers also carry, manufacturers need to dive deeper into the reasons shoppers have for visiting a bricks-and-mortar or online store.

“The ‘trip mission’ greatly influences the choice of channel, and the types of marketing and promotional tactics that are effective in driving sales,” explains Jeff. “By fully understanding the different types of shopping occasions, shopper marketers can deliver retailer- and channel-specific planning guidance to improve turns.”

Jeff will describe an approach to classifying consumer buying occasions and develop a richly-descriptive typology for the channels and “media” they use.

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Live in Chicago this Week: Peter Krieg at the BMA GROW Conference

The largest annual B2B marketing event in the world, the Business Marketing Association’s (BMA) 2012 international conference takes place later this week, featuring some 75 speakers, moderators, and panelists offering perspectives on driving brand growth.

Among the prestigious list of keynote presenters: Copernicus’-own Peter Krieg.

On Friday morning, June 1, Peter and former client Bill Whymark, vice president of customer intelligence at GE Capital, will give a talk on the work Copernicus and GE did together to successfully rejuvenate GE’s fleet services business.

Learn more about the conference on the BMA’s event website and to download a brief on the case Peter will present, click here.

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